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LookSmart ProductsLimited take your privacy seriously and respect the privacy of any information you provide on this website. LookSmart ProductsLimited will not rent, sell, share or give personal information about you to other people. However, LookSmart Products Limited may release your data if this is required by a legal process or to establish or exercise our legal rights. If LookSmart Products Limited discovers fraudulent use of any credit card and/or personal information, that  information, that has been supplied, may/will be supplied to New Zealand Police and may/will be used in any consequent fraud investigation.


Payment Security is managed through DPS for mutual security. Encryption protection is managed with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, industry standard 128bit encryption software.


LookSmart Products Limited reserves the right to amend the specifications of any product featured on this site at any time disregarding the fact that any orders may have been already placed and/or confirmed at the time of that specification amendment.

Leather products are made from quality natural leathers and may not be uniform in colour or texture. LookSmart ProductsLimited does not guarantee that the colour of the leather products will match your colour definition of your monitor.

Actual fabric sample colours may not match your monitor. Wood / Melteca / Powder Coat and/or other colours may not match you monitor. LookSmart Products Limited does not guarantee that the colour of the products will match your colour definition of your monitor.

LookSmart Products Limited reserves the right to change specifications, colours and materials shown in this website or to withdraw products without prior notice at any time disregarding the fact that any orders may have been already placed and/or confirmed at the time of that specification amendment.

At all times LookSmart Products Limited will endeavour to ensure that all specifications are correct and true but will accept no responsibility if they are not. Some products may differ slightly to the image used on this site.


At all times LookSmart Products Limited will ensure that all product/products listed and/or shown on this site will have a manufacturer's warranty/warranties. Different products may/will be covered by different warranty time periods depending on the type of product and/or the manufacturing company/supplier.  All upholstery is excluded from any warranty. A manufacturer's warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or incorrect use of a product. A manufacturer's warranty does not cover damage to product that may be incurred during delivery transportation.

A manufacturer's warranty covers against faulty parts and/or workmanship.



Product and price shown on this website is for supply in New Zealand only.

International customers that wish to pursue an inquiry to supply of products as shown on this website are to make inquiry by email to

If an international customer does not make this inquiry and makes an order and payment by credit card without the written consent of LookSmart Products Limited, LookSmart Products Limited will not supply the product and will credit back to that customer’s credit card the amount of payment made less the percentage as may have been taken by LookSmart Products Limited’s bankers and less a management fee. The credit will be at the current conversion rate at that time and LookSmart Products Limited accepts no loss of monies that the international customer may incur. The international customer also accepts that they have no claim on LookSmart Limited for recovery of any debt or additional costs that they may incur as a result of any transaction that has been incurred as a result of the use of this website without the written consent of LookSmart Products Limited.

LookSmart Products Limited reserves the right to limit and/or if necessary not supply product to any customer that has not made payment for the product as per the terms of our payment section. Orders cannot be reduced or altered in any way once they have been confirmed.

Items for sale in this website are subject to stock availability. LookSmart Products Limited will always endeavour to supply your order in its entirety and as quickly as possible, there may be times that we may not be able to do so. In such cases you will be advised as soon as possible.


LookSmart Products Limited will always endeavour to deliver your order promptly. Product as shown "In stock" will be delivered within 10 working days of order placement/payment. Product as shown "Pre - Order" will be delivered within a manufacturing schedule time frame. In most cases "Pre - Order" products should be delivered within 15 working days of order placement/payment. LookSmart Products Limited reserves the right to amend the delivery time frame and if necessary increase this time frame if major delays are incurred by way of manufacturer supply or by way of adverse freight issues/conditions that develop outside of LookSmart Products Limited’s control.

Freight charges will depend on the destination, weight and volume of the order. Free Freight Offer to Metro Areas will be governed by area postal codes on the delivery address. The postal codes will be as determined by LookSmart Products Limited as being within the Free Freight area and may be changed at the discretion of LookSmart Products Limited at any time. Residential deliveries within the same Metro areas may attract a delivery charge.  Any Commercial or Residential orders placed that are outside the postal codes as determined by LookSmart Products Limited will not be delivered until the customer has been provided with a delivery cost quote and that amount has been agreed to and paid in full by the customer. LookSmart Products Limited reserves the right to withhold any delivery where an order is placed misrepresenting the fact that it is either commercial or residential area delivery.  If misrepresentation has been made LookSmart Products Limited reserves the right to charge and collect any additional freight costs from the customer before despatching products.

Any orders that are placed on and/or during public holidays will be processed on the first working day after that public holiday and/or weekend.  LookSmart Products Limited closes for annual holidays from 22 December for a period of three weeks and any orders that are placed during that annual closure period will be processed on the first working day after that closure.  Any orders placed during that period that have/are paid for by credit card the credit card process will still proceed on that day or the following business day of order placement.

You the customer accept that you will make yourself and your delivery premises readily available during normal business hours so as to ensure a smooth delivery.  Delays caused to delivery vehicles and drivers as a result of improper entry availability and/or details that incur costs will be recharged accordingly.  Additionally you acknowledge that you will inspect all delivered products before signing as received in good condition.  Product that may be received due to transport freight damage will be repaired or replaced subject to discussions and conclusions of point of damage.  If recipient signs for products as received in good condition they have voided the opportunity to claim for any transport damages.  All claims, if any, must be made in writing and forwarded to


All prices are shown in New Zealand dollars and do not include GST. GST is an additional cost over and above the prices shown and must be paid in the total payment due.

Prices are subject to change without any prior notice. The amount you will pay will be based on the current prices displayed on this website at the time you submit your online order and/or the price as has been quoted to you and is still current within the terms of the date of that quote.


All product supplied by LookSmart Products Limited remains the exclusive property of LookSmart Products Limited until full payment as charged by LookSmart Products Limited has been received.

LookSmart Products Limited only accepts Visa or MasterCard credit card payments and/or direct credit payment into LookSmart Products Limited's bank account.  No cheque payments and/or other forms of payment are accepted.

You accept that on order placement you have accepted that payment must be made immediately by credit card or within seven (7) days if payment is being made by way of direct credit. You accept that if payment is not made within our payment terms then you are liable for additional costs to LookSmart Producs Limited as per (a)(b)(c) as listed below.


All orders where payments are made by credit card will be accepted on the condition that the credit card used is being used by the legitimate owner of that credit card. If LookSmart Products Limited discovers fraudulent use of any credit card, New Zealand Police involvement and fraud investigation will be enforced with recovery of all costs for the supply of product and/or recovery of the product and/or all costs with regard to legal and interest and any other costs associated with the recovery of these costs will be sought by due process from the person who placed the order of the original product.

 All orders where payment is to be made by direct credit, payment shall be considered due and will fall due for payment as soon as goods are ordered. Should payment in full not be made to LookSmart Products Limited within seven days after that due date or within the LookSmart Products Limited pre approved extended timeframe that will be allowed from time to time for large volume orders, then:

(a) the contracting party shall pay interest on all amounts outstanding at a rate which is 5% above the rate charged over the relevant period by LookSmart Products Limited’s bankers on primary level overdraft advances to LookSmart Products Limited; and

(b) LookSmart Products Limited shall be entitled to sue forthwith for the recovery of all outstanding monies and interest thereon; and

(c) any costs incurred by LookSmart Products Limited in connection with recovery action taken in respect of outstanding money interest and other charges shall be payable by the contracting party on demand.

LookSmart Products Limited defines Education Establishments, for the purpose of account billing, as those Education Establishments as being recognised by the New Zealand Government as being so.  This billing facility is not available for private Education Establishments and/or associated Education Establishments.  Interpretation as relates to the definition of Education Establishments is that as is defined by LookSmart Products Limited.


Faulty goods will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of LookSmart Products Limited. Product that may be received damaged due to transport freight damage will be repaired or replaced subject to discussion and conclusion of point of damage. If recipient signs for product as received in good condition they have voided the opportunity to claim for any transport damage. All goods are despatched in good condition and carried “at limited carriers risk” (pursuant to the Cartage of Goods Act 1979). No claims will be accepted after two (2) days from the date of delivery. All claims must be made in writing and forwarded to

Any refunds are at the discretion of LookSmart Products Limited and will only be made if LookSmart Products Limited is unable to either repair or replace faulty or damaged product that has been and is accepted by LookSmart Products Limited as a genuine and approved claim. These refunds will be made by direct credit into the verified bank account of the claimant and will be only for the value of the product claimed at the time of the purchase of that same product. No refunds will be made for any freight and/or any other costs, be they interest or legal or any other costs that may have been incurred by the claimant in the process of achieving their refund claim.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this site, please contact LookSmart Products Limited at